Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Midwife? What kind of Midwife is Patricia?

How often will I be seen in Wild About Nature Midwifery care?

I am due in a few weeks. Is it too late to transfer care to your practice?

Do I need to wait until I am pregnant to start care?

Am I a good ‘Home Birth’ candidate?

What is informed choice?

What if there is an emergency or a need to transfer to the hospital?

Are tests required at Wild About Nature Midwifery care?

Who all will be involved at my birth? How involved can my family be? Can children be present?

Is birth MeSsY? What equipment and supplies do you bring to the birth?

What about a doula? What is a doula?

Can I get an ultrasound? Do I need to have an ultrasound?

What about a ‘Water Birth’? What do you think about them and is it possible?

What are the costs for your services?