Patricia; Supporting Women and Families

I am so excited to call myself an Idaho Midwife and officially join the work of Midwifery!

I would like to introduce myself. I am Patricia Sutherland and I live in Kimberly, Idaho, a small town just outside of Twin Falls. I am married to a wonderful husband, Jesse Sutherland, and we have 9 children. Even from the very beginning of having babies, I understood the importance of birthing in a way that was comfortable for me. I found that beautiful safe space and all 9 of my babies were born at home. My passion is watching things grow; from gardens to flowers to kids. I am 'Omama' to 6 grand babies which I have welcomed earth side right into my arms. The BEST!

I enjoy studying nutrition and eating healthy foods. I am a Certified FootZonologist for 14+ years now. Teaching and practicing out of an office in Kimberly.

I have been part of the birthing world for over 30 years, assisting births since I was 20 years old. I always wanted to be a Midwife but not while I was having babies, so I waited till my youngest was 5 and then went back to school. While I waited to begin my Midwifery journey, I was, and am a certified DONA doula for more than 19 years now and have loved every birth! I did my academics with Mercy In Action and the majority of my clinical/skills down in Utah at Better Birth with many preceptor midwives, and my continuity of care with two amazing preceptor midwives here in Idaho.

I received my Idaho Midwifery License (LM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) title in 2018 and am now practicing throughout South Central Idaho.

I believe that pregnancy is not an illness but a natural process. I support and encourage women and families to take charge of their birthing story and make decisions regarding their health and well-being. I feel that women need to be informed and involved in the decision-making process leading up to the birth of their baby. I will encourage you to make the informed decision that best meets your physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.